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Why Palm Courts exists and what we hope to achieve


Palm Courts started as a program that provides children with an engaging experience, focusing on personal development and giving the youth a space to explore their interests. We use tennis as the means for development and not only as the ends. Which means we care about the delivery, how we communicate with children and what type of language is being used to convey instructions. We also focus a lot on positive affirmations and ensuring children understand that they have the opportunity to be the best they can be. Our intention is to deliver a high-quality, entertaining and educational experience and to focus on positive values that we believe will ultimately improve players' skills.


As we started to offer our program in different locations, we also realized there are specific needs that are not being met in the tennis scene for other groups as well. We decided to also help players who are looking to play with other friends, group classes, private coaching and resources, as well as new players looking for a way to start and can't find the right coach or courts.

We are on a mission to improve the tennis offerings in Qatar and to ensure that the needs of all types of players; new, experienced, young and old are being met.

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