How we will reduce the high rates of drop-outs in sports participation.

Outcome-Based Philosophy

More than 75% of adults who used to play a sports at some point while growing up say they don't anymore. Our aim is to reduce the dramatic drop-out rate in sports participation globally from an early age. Starting with Tennis but with the aim to expand to other sports that have high-participation for the youth, and that have gradual or sudden drop-outs over time. In order to achieve this goal, we are developing and constantly improving the services we offer to impact as many people as possible.

We have developed an outcome-based philosophy, which means, that our focus is on key outcomes. For now, the focus is on Tennis as the main sport. Our goals for participants are summarized below, but these will change over time as we grow and figure out the best way to reach our goal:

  • To become active and enjoy movement for our lifetime

  • To feel like we belong to a group who are working towards goals together

  • To be respectful towards each other and to develop meaningful relationships around sports

  • To become interested in participating in sports outside of coaching sessions

  • To become competitive and want to improve technical skill