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Make tennis your superpower

Private coaching sessions & community classes on premium courts

Champions stay on court

Our partners make you feel at home

Every thrilling tennis match is played on a magical court. We partner up with great court owners to deliver an unforgettable experience on and off the court. 


More tennis,
More fun

Private Packages

Community Classes

Social Events

Youth Programs

No experience? No problem. With our coaches you can expect to see improvements within just 8 hours of being on court.

Classes for beginners and those looking to add a new sport to their routine. Tennis, at 8pm every Sunday at Riviera Gardens.

Get together with other like-minded individuals, make some new tennis friends and enjoy your time on and off the court.

Let the love of tennis run through the family and start them young. Kids learn better when they love what they're learning. We make sure of it.

Tennis coaches we love
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